Gate Lock – New

We will continue to have a combination lock on the front gate of the courts as we did in the past. In 2023, we will have a new set-up with a push-button lock.

This is necessary to protect our courts from misuse and vandalism. A teen on a skateboard or with a spray can, or kids playing ball-hockey could seriously damage our facility in a few minutes.

The lock combination is a 5-digit one. It will be provided to the Club members upon registration. We ask members to not give it to non-members. This will not only enhance our security and help safeguard the Club facilities, but also act as an incentive for others to join the Club.

To open, set the combination numbers to the number provided and push the gate open. The gate will close back and relocks. It can be opened from the inside without the code.

If you are the last member to leave the Club, please be sure the gate is locked. And also make sure that nobody else is still left behind on the courts.