Courts booking

Booking a court is not compulsory, but is highly recommended, particularly for periods of high demand such as evenings and week-ends. Only Club members can book a court

You can book a court time using the booking facility below by filling in the required information and clicking “Submit”. You can also see if a court is available for “Free play” for the date, time and court you desire.

For more detailed instructions and rules, see below the booking form.

Booking instructions:

  1. Under Club/Location, select “HFTC”
  2. Under “Type of play”, select the type of play from the drop-down menu; other than “Free play”, the other options have been allocated permissible time blocks and are managed by the Club executives.
  3. Under “Court #”, select the court number you wish to play on (1 to 4, 1 is closest to the Clubhouse)
  4. From the calendar, chose the date on which you wish to play. Unavailable time blocks are highlighted in gray. Chose an available free time block. Free play is available in blocks of 1 hour.
  5. Enter your personal information in the required boxes (marked with a *)
  6. Check the “I agree with terms and conditions” box and click “Submit”
  7. You will receive an e-mail advising you of your court reservation. You can print this e-mail or have on your smartphone to demonstrate your booking in case of conflict.

A recap of the rules that apply in all circumstances:

  1. “Free play” (ie. not Club-organized activities such as leagues, lessons, etc.) is reserved only for members. Non-members bookings will be cancelled. Exception are the public hours.
  2. Everyone needs to wear their membership tag in an readily visible spot (in their tennis shoe laces is the easiest).
  3. Play time is in blocks of 1 hour, starting on the hour (per the club buzzer)
  4. If all courts are taken, and other members are waiting, players have to vacate the courts when the buzzer sounds.

Additional rules that apply when booking a court:

  1. Booking is for specific courts, ie. 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  2. Courts can be booked for a maximum of 2 consecutive hours per day. No abuses please.
  3. Court time for Club-organized activities are already blocked out (gray shaded) and are not available for “Free play”.
  4. Court booking for “Free play” is in blocks of 1 hour, again starting on the hour.
  5. Members who hold a court reservation (proven by a print-out of a confirmation e-mail or electronic e-mail on their smartphone), will have precedence over non-booked walk-ins.
  6. Members who booked a court must be present at the beginning of their booked hour (per the buzzer) or else they forfeit their booking and members waiting will take over the court. Clearly this situation could result in conflicts, and we hope that basic rules of civility will be applied.
  7. Additional rules could be established or current rules modified on the basis of experience and feedback.
  8. Rules of fair play and civility should apply in all circumstances.