Year-end 2020 tournament – Open to all members (B)

2020-09-22 @ 08:00 – 2020-10-23 @ 23:00
Henry Farm Tennis Club
15 Havenbrook Blvd.
Toronto, ON
$5 per person per event
Ed Wilson
H: 416-498-5946 C:416-414-7158

Henry Farm Tennis Club members are invited to participate in our traditional end of season tournament

Tournament details:

  1. This tournament is open to all HFTC members of all play levels.
  2. Each match consists of a 10-games pro set; no Ad scoring; service receiver(s) has the choice of sides; at 9-9, play a tie break; highest score within the one-hour time limit is the match winner.
  3. Entry fee is $5 per person per event (singles, doubles or mixed doubles); payable to Ed Wilson in cash or via Interac e-transfer to the Club at  (, security Q: Club acronym?, A: HFTC)
  4. For doubles play, the registrant MUST find a partner and enter his/her contact info on the form below.
  5. Ed Wilson will contact you for the first round matches date/time; for the following matches, please contact Ed or check the draw sheet posted at the Club.
  6. Participants will book their own court time.
  7. All matches  will be played with a new can of tennis balls brought by one of the players. The player whose can is used for the match will have it replaced by Ed Wilson later at a mutually convenient time.
  8. Matches start no later than Tuesday September 22.
  9. Finals will be played on the weekends of September 25, October 2 and 9.

Based on input from the tournament organizer, Ed Wilson, and given the number of participants, play format will be round robin as follows:


  • (Barb S. + Marsha C.) vs. (Antonio N. + Ryan L.): 10-7
  • (Antonio N. + Ryan L.) vs. (Edward Z. + Melissa C.): 7-8
  • (Edward Z. + Melissa C.) vs. (Barb S. + Marsha C.): 4-7


  • Barb S. + Marsha C.: 4 points – winners
  • Edward Z. + Melissa C. : 2 points
  • Antonio N. + Ryan L.: 0 points


  • Kiman E. vs. Ryan L.:
  • Ryan L. vs. Antonio N.: 6-10
  • Antonio N. vs. Kiman E.: 7-10
  • Amine E. vs. Kiman E.: 7-8
  • Amine E. vs. Ryan L.: 5-10
  • Amine E. vs. Antonio N.: 5-10


  • Kiman E.:
  • Ryan L.:
  • Antonio N.: 4 points
  • Amine E.: 0 points

Winning team/individual gets 2 points; a tie gets each team/player one point; please provide Ed Wilson with the results; they will be posted here. Tournament winner is the team/individual with the most points.

Team and individuals are expected to make their own arrangements to play with their opponent(s). Contact information is sent separately via e-mail.