Year-end 2022 tournament – Invitational – Men/Women

2022-09-23 @ 19:00 – 2022-09-25 @ 13:00
Henry Farm Tennis Club
15 Havenbrook Blvd.
Toronto, ON
$10 per person per event
Ed Wilson
H: 416-498-5946 C:416-414-7158

Henry Farm Tennis Club members are invited to participate in our traditional end of season tournament – by invitation only. Sign-up deadline is September 18, 2022. 

There is a participation fee of $10 per person per event (singles, doubles or mixed doubles); payable to Ed Wilson in cash or via e-transfer to

Tournament details:

  1. This tournament is for higher level players, who will be invited by Ed Wilson to participate.
  2. Each match consists of 2 winning sets out of 3; no Ad scoring; service receiver(s) has the choice of sides; 10 point tiebreaker in lieu of a third set; not time limit
  3. For doubles play, the registrant MUST find a partner and enter his/her contact info on the form below.
  4. Ed Wilson will contact the participants for the first round matches date/time; for the following matches, please contact Ed or check the draw sheet posted at the Club.
  5. Women/ladies tournament matches will happen only if there is a sufficient number of participants.

All matches (singles men, doubles men, singles ladies, doubles ladies and mixed doubles) will be played between Friday September 23 starting at 19:00 and Sunday September 25, ending at 13:00

SINGLES REGISTRATION FORM (for doubles see below)