Junior High Performance Program – 2022

This program targets the aspiring competitive player currently meeting, or willing to meet, the LTAD recommended standards for training (hours of play) and competition (# of tournaments). Our Junior High Performance program will provide a stimulating training environment and address the following areas of development to an international standard:

  • Mental
  • Tactical
  • Physical
  • Emotional

Participants will experience a safe, fun, educational environment where they will further develop their passion for competition, and acquire the skills needed to PLAY the sport at the international level.

Tennis is an ‘open skill’ which balances both the motor and cognitive aspects of a player. For this reason, the format of the sessions will generally follow the game-based approach (Wayne Elderton) which places players into commonly encountered tennis game-play situations.

The program is open to advanced juniors born 2008 to 2011, boys and girls in the same class.

The student-to-coach ratio will be no higher than 4:1.

The program will run over 8 weeks, in Tuesdays and Fridays sessions from 17:00 to 19:00 (ie. 16 hours on Tuesdays and 16 hours on Fridays).

We will start offering this program in the spring of 2022, starting from Tuesday May 3 to Friday June 24.

We are also offering this program during the summer of 2022 from Tuesday July 5 to August 26.

Your certified Coach 2 will be Stuart Perkins, a past coach of the NYTA HP program.      

The cost per 16-hour session is $200.