Waiver of Liability and Consent

By signing-up to a membership, to a lesson or to any other event or activity organized by Henry Farm Community Tennis Club (HFTC) each member acknowledges and agrees to the following Waiver of Liability and Consent:

I am signing up as a member of the HFTC, or onto a lesson or onto any other event or activity by the Club voluntarily and at my own risk; and in consideration of the opportunity to participate as a member of the Club or onto a lesson or onto any other event or activity by the Club, I, for myself and for those I signed-up for (eg. partners and juniors), my heirs, executors and assigns, hereby waive, release and forever discharge and indemnify the HFTC, its organizers, volunteers, members and its Executive Board from any and all damages, claims and actions for any loss, liability, claim, action, costs, expenses, physical or emotional injury or death to me arising out of my participation in this event or activity, howsoever caused. 

This Waiver applies as well to all my guests and for whom I accept complete responsibility. I will inform my guests of this Waiver of Liability and their responsibility to assume any risks involved.

I also consent to the use of my/our name(s) and/or likeness through photographs or other images which HFTC may post on its website or other media.