Ed Wilson – Head Pro

Ed Wilson has been Head Pro at our Henry Farm Tennis Club for the past fifteen years while also being involved for over 30 years in all tennis programs at NYTA including progressive tennis for juniors both Little Aces and High Performance.

Ed still competes specifically at the NYTA WTC in their indoor events and has won the MS, MD, MXD both in the open and the 50+ events.

A graduate of York University and University of Toronto, Ed continues his career as a school teacher with the TCDSB for over thirty-five years. He continues to amaze us by never speaking of looking forward to retirement.

Sponsored by Head, Ed holds tennis certification from OTA, CTA/ Tennis Canada Coach and PTR. Because of his wealth of experience, he is always excited to assist anyone who picks up a racquet for the first time and yearns to improve his/her game.

Ed is a Tennis Professional Association certified “Club Pro 1”.

You can contact Ed at 416-414-7158 or proed@henryfarmtennisclub.ca