Singles Challenge Ladder Sign-up instructions

Looking to take your tennis game to the next level? Consider signing up for the Henry Farm Singles Challenge Ladder! Go to your member portal and select Singles Challenge Ladder under the program listing and register yourself today.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, our Singles Challenge Ladder offers an exciting opportunity to compete against opponents of similar skill levels and improve your game. In our box ladder format, players are grouped into boxes based on their skill levels, ensuring fair and competitive matches. With promotion and relegation happening every four weeks, there’s always a chance to move up and test your skills against new opponents. Joining our Singles Challenge Ladder is a great way to stay active, meet fellow tennis enthusiasts, and challenge yourself to improve with each match. Don’t miss out on the fun – sign up today and take your place on the ladder! The ladder also offers you great flexibility to schedule your matches with your opponents according to your mutual convenience during a specific period. In addition to registering on our member portal, you are also required to register and acquire a free Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) account in order to access the box ladder software

Session 1 starts May 1st, and deadline to sign up is April 29th. 

Register for a free OTA account as indicated below:
Visit the national-provincial tournaments site: 
– Sign up for a new account 
– Select Tennis Ontario 
– Accept the Terms and Conditions 
– Fill in your personal details 
– Select “Recreational” membership type (free of cost), select your region and club 

– Create a login and password for the account. Activate account using the link emailed to you.

Once you have completed the above steps and registered yourself, our event coordinators will contact you for your next steps.

Get on the Ladder and let the fun begin…

Instructions for Mobile Court Reserve sign-up

Click to access CourtReserve-MOBILE-APP.pdf

Instructions for PC browser Court Reserve sign-up

Click to access CourtReserve-INTERNET-BROWSER.pdf

Instructions for Tennis Canada sign-up

Click to access Tournament-Software-Account-Creation-and-Membership-Registration-Henry-Farm-Tennis-Club.pdf